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We're supporter of 'Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel'

We're now officially supporter of the Netherlands 'Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel', a foundation dedicated to biodiversity restoration in the Netherlands.

Joining forces

Biodiversity is essential for maintaining ecosystems and thus a healthy living environment. Nature organisations, farmers, scientists, banks and companies are aware of this problem and have joined forces. In 2018, 19 parties united in 'Together for Biodiversity' to work together on the Delta Plan for Biodiversity Restoration. Meanwhile, 100+ partners and supporters have also joined our movement. With just one goal: a richer Netherlands.

A perfect fit

This fits perfectly with us according to Maaike van de Kamp, quartermaster of BiodiversityXL. "In co-creation with our environment, we make a substantial contribution to answering society's important questions on biodiversity and ecology. Within the four institutes, approximately 800 staff members are working on research, education and outreach, reaching millions of Dutch people - schoolchildren, museum visitors, (amateur) scientists, scientifically interested people, policy-makers, companies, governments and nature lovers."

Find out more on the website (in Dutch)

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